Jan 9, 2013

#1. Lone Oak, Spring

#1 Lone Oak, Spirng, 6x6, oil on panel, (click here to bid)

I'm joining a large group of artists who have committed to 30 paintings in 30 days! I'm a little late starting, but will make it up soon. I've gotten side tracked from my small paintings—plein air painting and larger studio pieces have called more loudly lately. Now that a new year has started, it's time to get back on track.

For a while now I have been yearning to paint the same scene in different ways. I've tried painting a landscape one way and then the next landscape with a new direction, but that hasn't been satisfactory. I want to see how different colors and effects change a scene. So, now is the time to try it out, at least for some of the paintings this month.

This is a scene from the Mid-Willamette Valley area around Salem, Oregon. There are many farms with flat fields and an occasional large tree here and there. I just love the presence they have, dominating the whole field.

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