Jan 31, 2013

#30 Lone Oak, Manna from Heaven

#30 Lone Oak, Manna from Heaven, 6x6, oil on panel, (click here to bid)

Number 30! Whew, what fun. I have learned so much with this series. It's given me the freedom to try some things that I would never have tried if I had been working on one painting. There is a pressure to paint something that you know will become a finished painting — no matter if it is 6x6 inches or 6x6 feet. I've painted two night scenes in this series, which I have never painted before. I've tried some colors that I would never have thought of putting together. I usually tone my canvas with burnt sienna or raw umber. I've toned some of this series with bright yellow, bright cad. orange, bright blue, red, and pink to name just a few.

The most surprising thing for me was that on some of the paintings I would have a plan in my mind of the colors or mood I wanted to create. Then I would lay down the first stroke of color and everything would change direction and go to a place that I hadn't thought of painting. That was powerful! I guess I needed to learn to trust a bit more.

I don't know if I am finished with this series yet. I feel like there might be more down the road. So, I will leave it open to return to, not as a daily thing but when the Lone Oak calls, I will listen.

Stay tuned.

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